Powell Pediatric Dentistry – Clovis, California

Our dentists and staff here at Powell Pediatric Dentistry in Clovis, California specialize in pediatrics dental work to provide the best oral health care for your children. We understand that some children, when coming to the dentist, are scared and often unsure about what will be happening. To help with the anxiety and fear, we have made our office a fun and exciting environment where your child will feel comfortable and safe.

We make it a point to explain to our young patients about the treatments we do step by step so they know what to expect. Making treatments easy to understand and entertaining will ease your child before and during the visit.

Learning that distracting the patient during their appointment seems to calm some nerves, we have placed televisions above the dental chairs and allow the patient to watch their favorite movie. Patients love this and even make them excited to return! After every visit, to reward our patients for coming to the dentist, we let them take home a book and a balloon of their choice.



Clovis is a beautiful city in Fresno County with less than 150 thousand residents that make up a wonderful community. Clovis is a family city where mostly either families or young professionals have decided to settle down and enjoy life. Being filled with families, there are many parks and recreational activities for everyone to participate in.

Having a small-town spirit, community members strive to keep Clovis a safe environment for families and children. Because of the excellent school systems, job opportunities, and amazing neighborhoods, Clovis continues to attract people from all over the world.

We have loved our time here in Clovis being able to help your children with their oral health and we look forward to the future.

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Come Into our Office

If you are new to Clovis, California, or are just looking for a comfortable and fun pediatric dentist office in Clovis to take your children to, please come in and see us at Powell Pediatric Dentistry! We are dedicated to the children of this community and teaching them how to have great oral hygiene habits and keep their smiles shining bright.