Powell Pediatric Dentistry – Visalia, California

Having your child receive dental work from a pediatric dentist, will set them up for a lifetime of calm and stress-free dental visits. Powell Pediatric Dentistry has the well-being and oral health of all the children in Visalia, California in mind. Everything we do in our office is catered towards making sure your child has a wonderful dental experience.

When learning how to take care of their teeth, children do the best they can but to ensure their teeth are healthy and strong, we recommend coming in to see us twice a year. Child dental cleanings are generally the same as an adult cleaning, but done with much more explanation of instruments and showing how they work. Telling the patient everything that will be happening during their visit, will help them know what to expect which will lead to everything going smooth.

Because pediatric dentists are required to go to extra training years after dental school to learn about how to deliver excellent dental care to challenging children, you know your child is in a safe place in our office. If you have a child that gets nervous or has a hard time going to the dentist, please bring them in to see us!


Visalia is the perfect place if you and your family enjoy the great outdoors and exploring nature. Residents enjoy amazing views of the Sierra Nevada foothills and the Sequoia National Park. If you are looking to reside in a place where it is warm and only rains about 26 days of the year, Visalia is definitely the place for you.Clovis California

Our beautiful city neighborhoods are broken up into smaller sections all providing adequate neighborhoods for you and your family. Visalia is a place where families run due to the excellent school system, the influence of agriculture, and beautiful nature.

If you have children and are looking for a specialized pediatric dentist, you are in the right place. Powell Pediatric Dentistry in Visalia, California puts its priority on the children in the area and will definitely do the same for your child. If you have questions about our services please give us a call!