dental crowns Powell Pediatric Dentistry dentist in Clovis, CAIf a dental professional has recommended that your child needs a dental crown to restore their teeth, or you want to learn more about dental crowns for your child, you have come to the right place. At Powell Pediatric Dentistry, we want our patients and our patient’s parents to be educated on the dental procedures we recommend. Please keep reading to learn about what a dental crown is, what they are made of, and why they are essential. 


What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is an artificial tooth that completely covers the lasting portion after decay removal. Crowns are fitted to your child’s teeth and might be composed of metal or porcelain. They are used to conceal broken or rotting teeth and chipped or damaged teeth.


They can also be utilized for cosmetic purposes, even if the teeth are not injured. To place a crown on a tooth, the dentist will need to drill the tooth down to make room for the crown.


Crowns must be manufactured mainly for the tooth in issue, therefore getting one usually requires more than one visit. The dentist will inspect your child’s mouth and acquire the measurements needed to install the appliance on the initial visit.


What is a dental crown made of?

There are a couple of different dental crowns for children that we offer at Powell Pediatric Dentistry. These types include: 

  • Stainless Steel Crowns Many children needing a crown to cover a baby tooth utilize the stainless steel crown because it is affordable and will fall off when the tooth falls out. Stainless steel crowns are wanted for their durability and moisture resistance. These crowns are mainly used for back teeth that aren’t very visible. 

  • Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal: These crowns on the outer portion look like natural teeth, while on the inside, there is metal to ensure the tooth’s durability. These are a common choice because they are as strong as a stainless steel crown, but it appears as natural tooth. 

  • Composite Crown: For our teenage patients who need a crown to restore an adult tooth, we suggest composite crowns. These crowns are made to replicate the exact shade and size of other surrounding teeth. Composite crowns are made out of tooth-colored material. 


If you are unsure of what type of crown would be best for your child, we are more than happy to explain them in further detail and help you make an informed decision. 


Dental Crowns Procedure

At the beginning of the procedure, you will need to choose a material or type of dental crown for your child. We can assist you in making your decision. 


At your child’s first visit, the dentist will isolate the tooth that needs the crown and numb it. We numb the tooth to ensure your child feels no pain during their procedure. Once completely numb, the dentist will remove all of the decay or issue areas from the tooth. 


Next, the tooth and adjacent teeth will be used to take an impression. The impression is essential in making the crown fit perfectly into your child’s mouth. From this impression, we will make a 3D mold and send it to the dental lab to create the crown. 


It will take the dental lab a couple of weeks to create the crown, so for that time, we will give your child a temporary crown to protect the tooth. 


When the crown is ready for placement at the last appointment, the temporary crown will be removed. Finally, the crown will be fitted onto the tooth and then cemented down. 


Benefits of Dental Crowns


  • When a tooth requires a crown, some severe damage has been caused, and the natural tooth needs protection. By utilizing the dental crown, you eliminate the need to replace the entire tooth. 


  • Dental crowns are decay-resistant. Once the crown is placed, your child will be at lower risk for developing cavities on that particular tooth. 


  • Each dental crown is made to fit perfectly onto your child’s tooth to ensure it is comfortable for them to wear. 


  • If a tooth has become broken or fractured, using a dental crown is the best way to restore the tooth’s strength. 


  • Dental crowns are a simple and generally fast procedure that is minimally invasive. Other than waiting for the dental crown to be made, the rest of the process is quick. 


Call a Pediatric Professional

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