Emergency Dentistry What to Do if Your Child Has a Broken Tooth powell pediatric dentistry dentist in clovis californiaAt Powell Pediatric Dentistry we take dental emergencies very seriously and do our best to provide you an emergency pediatric dentist in Fresno as soon as possible. Unfortunately, any kind of emergency is random and can be very inconvenient, even though this is the case we take necessary measures to be sure we are ready in case your child has an emergency.

If your child is already a Powell Pediatric patient and having a severe dental emergency, please call our emergency after-hours number at 559-299-3949.


Dental Emergency

If your child isn’t suffering from a dental emergency that needs immediate attention, that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t having a lower severe emergency. With young children, it is important to pay attention to complaints of pain. Other emergencies your child could be experiencing includes:

Toothache or Cavity: Sudden shocks of pain in a specific tooth will cause a tooth to ache possibly indicating that a cavity could have formed. A dental professional is the only person who can diagnose a toothache or cavity, therefore it is insanely important to get it looked at. Coming in sooner rather than later can prevent the cavity from growing and causing severe damage.

Bleeding Gums: Casual bleeding of the gums can happen after flossing if the patient doesn’t regularly floss. If bleeding is regular and in large amounts, please schedule an appointment.

Cracked Tooth: Cracking a tooth can happen in any everyday activity, if you have noticed that one of your child’s teeth is cracked it is important to come to see us immediately to help prevent a cavity from forming. Cracked teeth can bring a patient intense pain and discomfort, solving the problem will help put the child at ease.

If your child is complaining of constant pain in a specific area, there is a chance that a problem could be forming. Catching dental emergencies early will prevent the need for extensive treatment after the problem has gotten worse.


Emergency Pediatric Dentist in Fresno, CA

If you are in Fresno County, California and your child has a dental emergency please find and contact the nearest Powell Pediatric Dentistry. We are ready to help you through any dental issue quickly and professionally in a safe environment.