Pediatric Dentistry

pediatric dentistry powell pediatric dentistry dentist in clovis californiaPediatric dentistry is an area of dentistry completely focused on children from the age of zero to eighteen and helping teach about and maintain oral health. At Powell Pediatric Dentistry of Fresno, California, all of our dentists have special qualifications and training to provide gentle care for all children and adolescents with special needs. Being able to accurately serve your children, pediatric dentists spend two to three years after dental school working with children who need severe dental treatment.

We can guarantee that once you and your child steps foot into our office that they are in a comfortable place where our dentists and staff can give them the best care possible.


Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist in Fresno?

There are many specific reasons why pediatric dentists will give the optimal oral health care to your child, some including:

Most children have fear surrounding the dentist, because of our fun office and calming environment and staff we are able to help remove fear. Eliminating fear will create excitement around appointments and a great foundation for receiving dental care in the future.

Our office is specifically designed to give our patients a positive experience when seeing us. We have televisions to watch movies during treatment, an Ipad station and after every appointment, a child gets to go home with a book and balloon of their choice.

Walking your child through their treatment step by step and showing them how the instruments and tools work, helps lower fear about treatment. First, we tell, then we show, and then we do!

Just like general dentists, our dentists perform all general dental procedures, but unlike general dentists, pediatric dentists can perform treatment while dealing with behavioral issues.


Give us a Call

If you believe that your child would benefit from coming to a pediatric dentist please contact us at Powell Pediatric Dentistry in Fresno County, California. We take new patients of any adolescent age into our practice. If you have a young child and you aren’t sure when to bring them in, we advise coming to see us around six months after their first tooth has erupted.
Please don’t hesitate to call us and ask us any questions you may have, we are here for you and your children!